3rd International Young Carers Conference

We are delighted to say that Mike Raynor is a confirmed speaker at the 3rd International Young Carers Conference which is taking place between 3rd and 6th May 2021. Mike’s speaking slot is between 09:30 and 11:00 (UK time) on Thursday 6th May and his presentation is entitled ‘Using My Experiences of Being a Young Carer To Support Other Young Carers’. During this presentation Mike is going to describe his book, Guidebook For Young Carers, the associated website Guidebook For Young Carers – Read The Book Guidebook & Get Support, and his Facebook campaigns and YouTube videos. He will also summarise his results so far: book sales in UK, USA and Japan and website views from 74 countries. The presentation will finish with Mike’s suggested Golden Rules for young carers.

Places at the virtual seminar can be booked at: 2021 International Young Carers Conference – Eurocarers