Bid Training Seminars at London Chamber of Commerce

We are delighted that for the third year running, Mike Raynor has been invited to deliver bid training seminars at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These will take place on Thursday 10th October at London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 33 Queen Street, London, EC4R 1AP. Further information, including how to book a place, is in the attached flyer: 7053_20-Winning-UK-and-Overses-Flyer_1

These seminars will focus on developing bid strategies which enable bidders to differentiate themselves from competitors. Mike Raynor will explain how to perform competitor analysis, identify win themes (key differentiators), subtly undermine other bidders and position your company as the best option for the client. Mike will also give examples of contracts he has won for clients by applying Shipley proposal process win theme best practice, namely:

  •  Emphasise your strengths
  •  Undermine competitor strengths
  •  Compensate for your weaknesses
  •  Emphasise competitor weaknesses