Bid Management

A Comprehensive Package of Services

Whatever your bid requirements, we can deliver a package of services to optimise your chances of winning. We can lead a bid, write some or all of your bid responses, or deliver training to develop your in-house bidding capabilities.

Bid Management Bid Writing Bid Training

At the start of every project we can analyse the tender requirements and produce a detailed Bid Plan which includes all necessary activities. Prior to any writing we can facilitate meetings to set the bid strategy, including a competitor analysis to clarify our client's competitive positioning, identify win themes, and agree strategies to undermine competitors.

We can then run kick-off meetings with the bid team to confirm the involved personnel are informed and engaged. Throughout the bid production process we can undertake bid writing and deliver training to other team members if required. At key points in the bid we can lead reviews with the client's management team and then lead all activities to finalise and deliver the tender.

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