Bid Training

A Comprehensive Package of Services

Whatever your bid requirements, we can deliver a package of services to optimise your chances of winning. We can lead a bid, write some or all of your bid responses, or deliver training to develop your in-house bidding capabilities.

Bid Management Bid Writing Bid Training

We can deliver training to client personnel covering topics such as creating a bid strategy, project managing bids and bid writing. All our training follows best practice from the Association of Proposal Management (APMP) and the Shipley Proposal Process. Training can be delivered as team workshops, on a one-to-one basis, or on a live bid whilst leading or writing a client’s tender. Below are some of the training sessions we have delivered:

  • London Chamber of Commerce:
  •      2016: Bidding For Defence And Security Contracts
  •      2017: Submitting Winning Bids / Submitting Winning Construction Bids
  •      2018: Submitting Winning Public Sector Bids
  •      2019: Winning Bids By Creating Competitive Strategies
  •      2020: Competitive Bid Strategies / Writing Excellent Bids (webinars)
  •      2021: Submitting Winning Bids For MoD Contracts (webinar)
  •      2022: Writing Excellent Bids / Improving Your Bidding Win Rate (webinars)
  •      2023: Bidding For Rail Contracts (webinar)
  • Manchester Business School: Bidding for Public Sector Contracts
  • International trade conference in Latvia: Bidding for Construction Contracts

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