Published Book For Young Carers

Mike Raynor, the founder of Raynor Bid Consultancy, has recently become a published author. The book is entitled ‘Guidebook For Young Carers’ and it aims to provide advice and encouragement for young carers throughout the UK. Mike was a young carer when he was a child and therefore his advice is based on first hand experiences.

Mike has also launched an associated website,, which gives key advice from the book on the main webpages, and includes all the book content as readable blogs. Therefore the book can be read online by anyone who is unable to buy a copy.

The book contains 32,000 words, numerous illustrations, key messages in highlighted boxes and informative headings. Best practice in bid management and bid writing have been applied throughout the book development, resulting in an engaging and informative publication that appeals to a wide range of authors.

Printed copy and ebook versions of the book are available to buy on Amazon.