Why RBC?

A Personal Service and a Winning Focus

We Have Assisted Clients To Win Contracts Ranging From £13K To £1.5Bn

We ensure each client's bid addresses all the tender requirements and emphasises the benefits of awarding them the contract. We achieve this by:

  • Performing a comprehensive analysis of the tender requirements and the buyer's strategic objectives.
  • Supporting / leading competitor analysis and win theme workshops to create a winning bid strategy.
  • Gathering detailed company information, supporting / leading response development and suggesting additional content where required.
  • Producing excellently presented written responses which specifically respond to the assessment criteria.
  • Performing excellent project management throughout the entire bid process.

Beware Recruitment Agencies

It is vital that you work with bid consultants who maximise your chances of success. Beware - there are imposters out there...

Many bid consultancies are simply recruitment agencies which provide a selection of CVs for freelance bid personnel. If you proceed, it is likely that the person delivering your bid will be a freelance associate receiving a much lower day rate than you are paying. This will be because the agency is taking a considerable proportion of the day rate, on every day of the project. In this scenario, the only winner is the agency. The client is getting someone more junior than they expect for the rate they are paying. The freelance associate is receiving a day rate which is not representative of the task they are being asked to complete. This approach results in a poor quality bid which does not meet your quality expectations and therefore does not maximise your chances of winning the contract. In addition, some bid consultancies provide personnel who offer little initiative or value adding input. Their personnel will polish passages of text by performing proof writing but they will do nothing to guide the actual content or improve your competitive positioning.

If you want to be confident that you are submitting the best possible bid, give RBC a call and let us explain how our competitive focus, experience of driving bid content, and proven bid management and writing skills can assist you to win tenders.